Welcome Home! The Boardwalk Times Has Arrived

Boardwalk Times (Logo created by Rob Yeo)


I have been a life-long fan of Disney Parks. That love grew into the love of theme parks in general. During that time I have passionately enjoyed writing. So today I finally get to combine my two favorite things together. Writing and Disney Parks. Today I’m launching the Boardwalk Times. Some may ask these questions. I’m here to answer them.

“What is the significance about the name?”

Well the Boardwalk Times is inspired by Disney’s Boardwalk Resort. It’s my favorite hotel in Walt Disney World. The theme of the Boardwalk takes people to a happy place. I also picked the name due to the fact it’s memorable.

“What’s different about the Boardwalk Times?”

The Boardwalk Times is going to be a destination for Disney fans to read, analyze, and enjoy interesting content. We will have everything on the Boardwalk Times from recent news breaks to in-depth articles about the future of Epcot.

I have assembled a phenomenal staff. They are working on some incredible things right now. We are all really excited to see this grow.

I’m excited to announce that we will be hosting Extinct Magic Madness. A tournament that was created by myself and Walt’s Frozen Head. The joint Twitter production will be kept up to date both on Twitter and on the Boardwalk Times. (Brackets will only be available on the Boardwalk Times!)

“How can I join the Boardwalk Times?”

Well that’s a very simple question. Just send us a email at boardwalk times@yahoo.com and we will respond to you. It’s not a guarantee that you’ll be able to join, but if you have the passion for writing and the passion for Disney Parks. You will have a very good chance.

I’m excited to launch this new venture. I hope you take the Boardwalk Times in as your new reading destination. I truly believe this site will be a nice escape from the world. My staff has big goals for the site. Welcome Home!

Boardwalk Times- The Destination for True Disney Parks Fans

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