Rock n’ Roller Coaster in Walt Disney Studios Paris to be re-themed into an Iron Man Coaster.

A sign of what’s to come.


Earlier tonight, Disney announced at the D23 convention in Japan that the Rock n’ Roller Coaster attraction in Disneyland Paris Resort will be closing soon, leading to a complete overhaul with the Iron Man intellectual property becoming the basis of the attraction.

Given what we heard from Bob Iger earlier this month regarding theming in Disneyland Paris, this comes as no surprise. Disney has expressed interest in shoehorning intellectual properties into the park.

While slightly different than the R&R Coaster in Florida, the Paris version lacks the originality necessary to justify keeping it in the park, and it’s understandable that the Disney company would want to focus on properties that better suit their own financial needs over dated attractions. Despite interest in the attraction and the premise, Disney likely sees this as a simple fix for the lack of Marvel representation in the parks, likely coinciding with the new Marvel hotel that will begin development soon in Paris as well.

To any fans of R&RC in the states, you likely have nothing to fear. The Universal/Marvel contract prohibits Disney from introducing any Avengers characters (Iron Man Included) to an attraction on the East Coast, so it’s safe to say that the musical stylings of Steven Tyler are safe for the near future.

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