Prepping for TRON Lightcycle Power Run

Space Mountain’s wait is about to drop.

Boardwalk Illustration (Steven Harris)

When the TRON Lightcycle Coaster finally arrives in Tomorrowland it’s going to have a ripple effect on the entire land. Tomorrowland will now be experiencing more foot traffic. Especially due to the location of the new attraction will be next to park classic Space Mountain.

The TRON Lightcycle Power Run will be put into a new piece of land in the park. This construction means that the Tomorrowland Speedway and the Walt Disney World Railroad would need to close. Depending on the amount of construction needed to be done. The two attractions could be out of action for a long time. Not to mention the possibility the PeopleMover might need to close too.

Space Mountain on average can have a wait of 75 minutes if you go to the Magic Kingdom at a normal time. With having a sleeker, new coaster next door will obviously decrease the weight. TRON Lightcycle Power Run adds another E-Ticket attraction to Disney’s Magic Kingdom.

Disney is doing this in effort to decrease wait times during capacity. Not to mention keeping arguably their best park updated and fresh. If you haven’t been on the TRON Lightcycle Power Run (like the most of us.) Check out this video of the attraction.

TRON Lightcycle Power Run (Inside the Magic)

This fast attraction will be heading to Tomorrowland. So the coaster count at the Magic Kingdom raises its total to six. This will be the Magic Kingdom’s most intense coaster to date. Due to its popularity at Shanghai Disneyland, the Disney Parks and Resorts executives decided to bring a clone to Florida.

So when does TRON Lightcycle Power Run finally arrive to Tomorrowland? Ahead of the 50th anniversary of Walt Disney World. So possibly in 2020 if not by 2021. So we still have to wait a little bit out to see the attraction in Walt Disney World. The construction may start as early as 2018.

Prepping for TRON Lightcycle Power Run will be fairly interesting. I expect when the attraction does finally debut. It will accumulate Pandora level wait times. Meaning possible three hour waits if you don’t get a FastPass. Also other things to prep for when this attraction does arrive. Will you be running to the Mine Train or TRON first? Maybe you are running to something completely different.

Either way the prep for this attraction will once again change the layout for Tomorrowland, and could also hint if a future expansion would be doable. The overall design of TRON will bring a nice look to Tomorrowland. Then adding in that the attraction is an absolute beast is another plus.

Zach Perilstein is the Editor-in-Chief at the Boardwalk Times.