Mobile Ordering Coming to the Disneyland App

I hope I don’t have to wait for corn dogs anymore.

The Disneyland app has always been a time saver. From previewing wait times to all of the resort’s attractions and debuting the new MaxPass system to get digital FastPasses, we didn’t think that the app could take away any other unnecessary time from a day at Disneyland until now! Disney announced mobile ordering for casual and quick-service restaurants coming to the app.

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Lines for food will soon become a thing of the past. Guests will soon be able to order food from participating restaurants, choose a pickup time, and simply walk up to a window to get their food!

Locations of participating restaurants and when the service will become available is currently unavailable.

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What do you think of the new mobile ordering? Is it a time saver or just another way to give money to Disney? Will it make attraction lines longer because less people are going to wait for food? Comment below or tweet us @boardwalktimes and let us know!

Elizabeth Pfeiffer is a Columnist for the Boardwalk Times.

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