Mickey Mouse May Finally Get A Ride

“It all started with a mouse”

Mickey Mouse first appeared in “Steamboat Willie”

Well folks it may finally happen. Mickey Mouse may finally get an attraction at his own park. It’s hard to believe that MICKEY MOUSE has never had an attraction at any Disney Parks. Yeah you can try and say that Mickey’s House in Toontown counts or Mickey’s brief appearance in Mickey’s Philharmagic. Yet those aren’t rides. Mickey Mouse might get a ride.

You may ask “Where will this ride be?” and now that’s the challenging part. The rumored location is to be at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. The park is going through a major renovation. The attraction rumored to be going away is The Great Movie Ride.

The Great Movie Ride is a guided vehicle dark ride showcasing the greatest moments in cinema. The attraction was stale until a recent partnership with Turner Classic Movies injected new life into the attraction.

So a Mickey Mouse ride inside a replica of the Chinese Theater? Well’s that’s a bit strange. Oh I’m sure whatever Imagineering does will be spectacular it always is. It will just be sad saying goodbye to The Great Movie Ride.

A fun fact for everyone reading this. This last summer I had the privilege to sit down with an Imagineer for lunch. During this lunch I asked the Imagineer about “Show Writing” and how it works in Imagineering. He went on to give me an elaborate example about a Mickey Mouse ride. He vividly described a Steamboat Willie attraction. I was amazed at the idea.

What if he was telling me something about the parks future? (We were in Disney Hollywood Studios too.) Wouldn’t that be something? Okay I will leave you with that. Start the speculation on Twitter.

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