Guardians of the Galaxy Attraction Will Be A Roller Coaster

In news that shocks nobody. Disney officially confirmed that the Guardians of the Galaxy attraction in Epcot will be a roller coaster.

Guardians of the Galaxy concept art

Epcot’s history of never having a roller coaster is coming to a end. It was the only Disney Park on earth not to have a roller coaster. That will be changing with the Guardians of the Galaxy roller coaster.

The Vice President of Epcot, Melissa Valiquette, confirmed that the attraction is a coaster to members of the media at the Epcot 35 celebration yesterday. The roller coaster will be first of its kind ride system. The roller coaster will load guest where the original Universe of Energy was, and will launch guests into a 10 story show building.

No more details have been given on the layout or the design of the ride. We still don’t know how much the Peter Quill/EPCOT storyline will play into the actual attraction.

Epcot purists are still devastated over the news that the park will be taking on a new direction. As even myself, a loyal member to the Walt Disney Company can’t defend that Guardians of the Galaxy does not make thematic sense with Epcot. I have always joked about starting a Boardwalk Times funded Kickstarter which would raise money to create a Epcot-style theme park with the original visions and ideas.

I am personally fine with Guardians of the Galaxy. That’s because I love the franchise, and I trust Walt Disney Imagineering. For the others reading this that disagree. Ask about me potentially creating that Kickstarter!

The Guardians of the Galaxy roller coaster attraction is a few years away. Follow the Boardwalk Times for updates and commentary on the future attraction.

Zach Perilstein is the Editor-in-Chief at the Boardwalk Times.