Episode 30 of Boardwalk Talk — with Special Guest Alan from the Two Bad Neighbors Podcast — Is Now Available!

Join the Boardwalk Talk hosts and a Simpson’s Podcast host as they discuss Simpsons representation in Theme Parks and much more!

Hey Everyone!

On today’s episode of Boardwalk Talk, our hosts are joined by Alan from the Two Bad Neighbors Podcast, a show discussing episodes of The Simpsons from the “golden age” of the classic show.

Alan joins us on today’s show to discuss The Simpsons in theme parks including future prospects and the current Simpsons Lands in Universal Studios Orlando and Hollywood. In addition, Alan joins us to discuss his show and his experiences at the Disney Parks!

The Two Bad Neighbors Podcast, discussing classic episodes of The Simpsons (amongst other hilarious topics) can be found here:

Twitter: https://twitter.com/BadNeighborsPod

Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/two-bad-neighbors

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/twobadneighborspodcast/

We thank Alan for joining us on today’s show, and hope you all enjoy our discussion on this popular television show that has defined modern entertainment! Be sure to check out Alan’s podcast, and we’d love to have him on again soon!

Thanks for listening, and have a magical day!

Ryan Dorman is a Columnist and the Content Director for the Boardwalk Times. He can be found on Twitter at @OpentheDorman, and as a host of the Boardwalk Talk podcast on iTunes.

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