Disney Announces Opening Date for “Pandora: The World of Avatar”

Na’vi River Journey (Disney)

Well the wait is almost over! Today during a quarterly conference call, Disney CEO Bob Iger announced the opening date for Pandora.

Pandora- The World of Avatar will open at Disney’s Animal Kingdom on May 27. Pandora will be a one of kind experience. Disney is touting it as their largest expansion in Florida for a long time. The world will include the iconic floating mountains and bioluminescent plants.

There will be two attractions in Pandora. One is the Flight of Passage, a motion simulator ride that will make you feel like your flying on a banshee. The second is a more lyrical and stunning boat ride called the Na’vi River Journey. The attraction will send passengers through a bioluminescent forest in Pandora. Where they will encounter a Na’vi Shaman.

Disney CEO Bob Iger expects Pandora to increase in popular as the sequels to Avatar come out. There has been no new updates about Avatar 2 other than it will be hitting theaters next year. James Cameron is currently planning the Avatar trilogy. Where Avatar 3 will come out in 2020. The final two films (possibly) are scheduled to come out in 2022 and 2023.

Source: Disney