Bob Chapek May Be Disney’s Next CEO

Image courtesy of Variety

As we here at the Boardwalk Times have predicted in the past, we now have an inkling that Bob Chapek, current head of Disney Parks and Resorts, may be moving on up in a signficant way.

Bloomberg reports that Chapek is indeed being sought out for the position. Much unlike prior head Tom Staggs, Chapek has been underseeing the development of an incredible array of diverse attractions and infrastructure improvements at the resorts, much of which were announced at this past year’s D23 Expo. Also is being pointed out is the tiered ticket pricing system, moving the focus to financial strategy and maximizing profits for every quarter of the fiscal year.

It’s no surprise that this would come into play, as many contenders have left the company or flat out have not existed whatsoever. For better or for worse, Chapek has made a name of himself in getting the job done, and this is the same energy that Iger would seek out to please investors. However, Chapek has had an issue with quality control and being too quick on some products to let them be refined or rethought. (see Pixar Pier) This also nervously comes into mind the Michael Eisner era.

Yet, it remains to be seen that Chapek does not seem to be as focused on cutting costs, which at the very least is a good sign. The major shareholders of Disney are aware of how it has gained its current success, and it is unlikely for Chapek to completely reverse direction from Iger. Again, some may see that as unfortunate, but those in love with this era of Disney have nothing to fear.

Traveling Salesman is a Columnist for the Boardwalk Times.